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The Ultimate Guide to Buying Water Heaters

Making investments for your household is no joke. Especially, when the investments have to last you for the years to come. One such investment is the water heater. It’s a once in a decade purchase and hence is an investment you are going to be stuck with for a long time. So how do you choose a water heater that is suitable for you?

Once you have chosen what size your heater will be, you have to choose between 3 major types of heaters – Tankless, conventional tank and hybrid.

Conventional Tanks: These are the tanks that constantly store heated water. They’re cheaper than the other two high quality bathroom accessories. They have a capacity for about 25-80 gallons and can easily fit into your basement or garage. Their utility varies from brand to brand and model to model. So be sure to invest in a good brand and purchase the latest upgrade of the tank, lest you be stuck with an outdated version for another decade.

Tankless: They are basically gas water heaters since they use a gas burner or an electric element that passes through the heater. They, however, require hefty upfront investments but pay for themselves in the long run by saving as much as 30% energy. They’re extremely handy since they can simply be hung on the wall conserving a lot of space making them a good option for part time residents.

Hybrid: They require a hefty upfront amount to be paid as well, but are again a worthwhile investment because the magnesium rod running through it increases the lifeline of the machine. It is much faster than standard water heaters and can be installed directly under the sink or the closet. They instantly heat up water without wasting any time.

With all this information you can now make an informed decision for all your water heater needs without any worries and any excess expenditure. There are not a lot of places you can go wrong if you buy products from a good brand and invest only in high quality bathroom accessories.