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Invest in quality Faucets to enhance the décor

Home décor is one of the most quintessential aspects we all consider to enhance. Often, deceived by the marketing campaigns of the top-notch brands, investing in the wrong products come naturally. However, if you’re planning to refurbish your homely abode, think twice before you finalize your faucets. Consider researching a bit and go for the quality products that offer you maximum advantage at the same time, a good return on investment. After all, the latest superior technology lends its appeal to the trendy new collection of faucets in the market. Sketch your budget and finances, invest accordingly in your faucet parts, sink faucets for kitchen and thermostat faucets for your bathroom to maintain the temperature control and regulation.

Jaquar’s Kubix Prime Faucet

Jaquar_s Kubix Prime Faucet1

Sleek and minimal with a silver-esque appeal that is raising the bar of bathroom accessories and will instantly up your home décor. The sink faucet sitting pretty in your kitchen by Jaquar offers a multitude of benefits including the technology of mixing air with water to control the water supply and gives you soft and splash free water flow. The upper shining layer of protection further lends a mirror-touch appeal to your faucet parts.

Thermostatic Mixers
Thermostatic Mixers2

These super-essential thermostatic mixers are a winter must-have and will greatly help you fix your winter woes in no time. Instantly turn your cold water warm with high-technology thermoplastic polymer. Cartridges made of superior quality thermostatic polymers will switch your water temperatures with ease and works effortlessly at low and high pressures.

Stylish Florentine Faucets by Jaquar for Bathroom Needs

Stylish Florentine Faucets 3

The stylish and edgy design structure of Florentine facets immaculately devised by the Jaquar group is certainly high on vogue. Instant charm and visually appealing faucets will lend a debonair touch to your washrooms. The high integrated honeycomb structure provides the lime buildup protection. Further, the integrated anti-clogging dome screen filters the sediments and unwanted contaminants at the bottom.

Jaquar’s classic aesthetics of the faucets manufacturing emanates the minimalistic appeal and is backed by the world class testing labs. With facilities that extend the warranty of Jaquar for upto 10 years, their excellence reflects in the stunning and strikingly appealing faucet designs. The amazing functioning ability of faucet parts that feature single-lever, multi-turn and quarter-turn operation is what makes Jaquar a remarkable and significantly substantial complete bathroom solutions brand.

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Types Of Kitchen Faucets To Rely Upon

A lot of brands are making bathroom faucets to upgrade your kitchen look, so simply search the types of kitchen faucets online to get your hands on the best styles available in faucets. While looking for kitchen taps, you must keep functionality over styling, so we have revealed some faucet designs that will work best for your kitchen.

How To Choose The Best Kitchen Faucets?

While it can seem a bit overwhelming once you actually realize how many options are available for you to choose from, there are 3 things you need to consider while selecting the perfect kitchen sink taps for your home!

● Design.
● Functionality.
● Material.

Sink Mounted Kitchen Faucets


These types of taps are secured directly to the sink, which is typical for a top mounted sink style. When mounting to your sink, you must pay close attention to the number of pre-drilled holes, and select your faucet to fit those guidelines. You can also look for kitchen faucets that come with a deck plate, with the potential of covering any extra holes that are not being used.

Deck Mounted Faucets


These faucets are quite good in design and are attached to the countertop, if the kitchen has an undermount sink. This will help add to the nice clean look an undermount sink lends itself to, but can be tricky to keep clean as grime can build up between the base of the faucet and the wall. Pay close attention to the amount of space in this area in order to avoid this issue!

Wall-Mounted Kitchen Faucets


These taps are a very stylish option to keep the counter clear and clean and great for filling large pots. With that said, you must be very careful if you are mounting to an external wall, and ensure the pipes are properly insulated, or Winter weather could cause trouble!


Once you know where you will be mounting your kitchen faucet, it’s important to put some thought into the style and shape of the faucet, again, in terms of functionality. For that, you need to search well on Internet and choose the best kitchen faucets in India.

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Complement Your Bathroom With The Right Kind Of Bathroom Taps

blog1_12_05_17 (1)

Installing new bathroom faucets are a perfect way to update your existing bathroom without having to punch a big hole in your wallet. So, if you are quite bored of your existing bathroom look, ensure to choose the right style of bathroom taps to complement your bathroom that will make all the difference and give your bathroom a fresh new look without playing much with the decor of the bathroom. While choosing the new faucets for bathroom, it is always important to look at the overall shape of your basin and select the best design of the tap in order to enhance the look of your bathroom.

Different Designs of Taps

blog2_12_05_17 (1)

A basin faucet with sleek body, which has clean lines, is best suited to a square shaped basin or alternatively an angular shaped basin. It is really important to stick to one type of material, style and color to give the bathroom a clean and streamlined look. In case, if you have a contemporary bathroom, ensure you look for bathroom taps that have a blend of quirky design and an unusual finish such as matte black to create a bold statement for your bathing area. For traditional styled bathrooms, choose for the style which has classic features, which will help to give it an individualised feel.

If you own a counter-top basin, wall-mounted bathroom taps are the best option that will create an elegant look with its minimalistic design. If you have a standard bathroom, bath fillers and bath shower mixers generally tend to be the most popular choice that comes in a huge variety of designs. For one tap-hole basin, single lever taps will help to create a sleek, stylish look to the bathroom.


These days, a huge range of faucets are available in the market, all you need to understand the design of your bathroom and choose the right kind of styles that will completely transform your bathroom feel and look. Find out the best site and brand that offer durable and superior quality bathroom accessories online in India.

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Enhance the Look of Your Bathroom with Best Bathroom Faucets

Gone are the days when faucets were just used to provide you water, however, the technology has come so far that it allows you to control the pressure of the water and provide reliability as well. These bathroom faucets are no longer an ordinary bathroom fitting that is installed to offer you water supply, however, these faucets have become one of the best technologies to get a control over water pressure and offer style and elegance through the innovative design and cutting edge technology.

There are many people who are not opened to the designs and types of the latest bathroom faucets that are available in the market. If you are one of them, then this blog would really guide to the latest technology available in the faucets. Here are some of the best types of bathroom faucets that will offer you comfort with luxe:

Single-lever faucets for smaller places


This single lever faucet comes with one lever that are usually used in the small bathroom. This kind of faucet is easy to install and are meant for smaller places. These are designed for places such as hotels, restaurants, and bars where you just go to wash your hands.

Wall-mounted Faucets for Bathroom

Wall-mounted Faucets

These faucets are designed to put on the wall in order to provide you style with comfort as they creates a unique bathroom centerpiece. These faucets don’t require much space which makes them quite compact and durability. These are quite easy to use and provide you luxe, quality and comfort with their design.

Sensor Taps to Conserve Water

One of the best ways to conserve water is through these sensor taps since they automatically turns off when they are not in the use. If you want to experience the design and comfort of the bathroom luxe, then these faucets are primarily important bathroom solution for your bathroom.


You must have got some idea on the best faucets that you shouldn’t ignore while looking out for the best bathroom fittings. There is an array of variety available in the market, so if you want to explore the different range of faucets, you can search them online to get some idea about the product and how it meets with your purpose.