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Melt Away the Day with Jaquar Bath Fittings

Whether you are building a new bathroom, renovating the old one, adding another bathroom in your home or redecorating the present one, there are so many things to consider. From flooring, colour scheme, sanitary-ware, storage, wall coverings, faucets and more to the big fixtures like bathtub and shower enclosure. One of the vital decisions to take is the choice of bath, as these are the focal point of any bathroom.


There are only a few things more overwhelming than melting away the cares of the day in the bathtub or taking a nice long shower. With the amount of time you spend in your bathroom, it’s important to design it as a place you enjoy. Built-In Jaquar bathtubs are a great option to enjoy a luxurious bath at home. There is an array of designs available in Jaquar Built-In bath tubs to choose from. You can also opt for Jaquar free Standing bathtubs. These become the aesthetic focus of any bathroom but should be installed in bigger bathrooms. Jaquar bathtubs are available in different shapes, sizes and feel. To choose the right one according to your need, you must visit our Orientation Centre for expert advice.


Shower enclosures are fantastic as they not only beautify your bathrooms but are practical also. With Jaquar Shower Enclosures, you have separate dry and wet areas in your bathroom with world class accessories and 5 year warranty. They come in three major categories, frameless, semi-framed and framed. The glass used in Jaquar Shower Enclosures is of the highest quality and goes through robust quality checks. To explore the range of Jaquar Shower Enclosures, please visit our Orientation Centre to conceptualize your bathroom in the best way possible.


Whether it is a built-in bath tub, free-standing bath tub or shower enclosures, Jaquar designs are the perfect synthesis of form and function. Each product is at par with global standards, stringent quality checks that ensure that the end product is high on aesthetic appeal. Visit our Orientation Centre to know more about Jaquar products.

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Complement Your Bathroom With The Right Kind Of Bathroom Taps

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Installing new bathroom faucets are a perfect way to update your existing bathroom without having to punch a big hole in your wallet. So, if you are quite bored of your existing bathroom look, ensure to choose the right style of bathroom taps to complement your bathroom that will make all the difference and give your bathroom a fresh new look without playing much with the decor of the bathroom. While choosing the new faucets for bathroom, it is always important to look at the overall shape of your basin and select the best design of the tap in order to enhance the look of your bathroom.

Different Designs of Taps

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A basin faucet with sleek body, which has clean lines, is best suited to a square shaped basin or alternatively an angular shaped basin. It is really important to stick to one type of material, style and color to give the bathroom a clean and streamlined look. In case, if you have a contemporary bathroom, ensure you look for bathroom taps that have a blend of quirky design and an unusual finish such as matte black to create a bold statement for your bathing area. For traditional styled bathrooms, choose for the style which has classic features, which will help to give it an individualised feel.

If you own a counter-top basin, wall-mounted bathroom taps are the best option that will create an elegant look with its minimalistic design. If you have a standard bathroom, bath fillers and bath shower mixers generally tend to be the most popular choice that comes in a huge variety of designs. For one tap-hole basin, single lever taps will help to create a sleek, stylish look to the bathroom.


These days, a huge range of faucets are available in the market, all you need to understand the design of your bathroom and choose the right kind of styles that will completely transform your bathroom feel and look. Find out the best site and brand that offer durable and superior quality bathroom accessories online in India.